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24/7 maintenance and support for your Django website

Why should I use this ?

Focus on your business

Your business is your business. Websites are our business. You want your website to match the success you have with your business, or help you increase it. That's what we do. Make sure your online business is running smoothly 24/7 without bugs or errors to increase your sales.

We will be in lockstep with you making sure your website is as successful as your business, and your business even more successful because of your website.

What You get

24/7 Support

Our support team provides the help you need, when you need it - anytime, day or night.

Crash Monitoring Software

We provide crash monitoring software to catch errors on your website. The software automatically logs errors so our support team can fix them 24/7.

Unlimited Small jobs

We will do small jobs ranging from css updates to minor features updates

Mobile Application

Add jobs, receive error and downtime alerts on the go in realtime

Unlimited Bug fixes

We will fix errors on your website , from crashed databases to broken page layouts

Downtime Alerts

Every second your website is down costs you money so We imediately let you know when your website is offline.

Personalized dashboard

Your account comes with a dashboard were you can add jobs and take action on any website errors

Performance Monitoring

Fix problems fast with routine website error scan reports straight to your inbox.

How does this work?

You Submit a Job

You submit a Job via email or create one via your personalized dashboard , It can be anything from a crashed website to server upgrades.

We get to Work

We get started on the Job. You can track the status of each Job via your personalized dashboard.You receive feedback once the Job is done


The Job is done.You recieve an email notifying you what was fixed and the steps that were taken to fix it. We also check for any other errors.